Biodegradable plastic

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Biodegradable plastic

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ENA™ Polylactic acid Compostable Bioplastic Oxodegradable Additives Starch mixed with Plastics
Additive added to conventional plastics YES No, the material itself is compostable YES YES
Method of degrading Stimulates wild microbes to eat plastic in landfills, soil, or natural bodies of water Intrinsically degradable, but only in commercial compost facilities, will not degrade in landfills Chemically breaks down plastic when baked in oven or intense UV, followed by biodegradation - if baking is sufficient The plastic does not degrade; only the starch degrades, leaving the plastic intact
Common names of brands ENA™ PLA, corn plastic, Natureworks Igneo Symphony, EPI, Wells Reverte, D2W, Noebeide Generic
Liklihood of biodegrading in landfiils 100% Will not biodegrade in landfills Unlikely, due to absence of pretreatment Starch portion only degrades in landfills - plastic will not